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Thieme Chemistry publishes highly evaluated information about synthetic and general chemistry for professional chemists and advanced students since 1909.


Our portfolio of products includes the well known journals SYNFACTS, SYNLETT and SYNTHESIS, the renowned synthetic methodology reference work Science of Synthesis, RÖMPP, the largest and most renowned chemical encyclopedia published in German, as well as a selected range of monographs.


Most of our content is also available as electronic products, used by chemists worldwide in industry and academia.






Pharmaceutical Substances Version 3.6 released

The new Version features 2,549 active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Cat: Reference Works

RÖMPP Update 4.0.5 is released

The update focusses on terms from the field of chemistry and environmental technology.

Cat: Encyclopedias

Khanh Ha wins SYNFACTS Poster Prize at FloHet

The graduate student from the University of Florida receives a free one-year subscription to...

Cat: Chemistry