Template Download for Mac; Word

Print a copy of these instructions before you begin.


First, locate the template folder on your computer. The folder location can be determined by using the “File Find function” (apple key + F key together) and searching for the template folder.


Then, click on the link below and save the file to your Word template folder using the “File...Save As” command. Change the filename extension from “.doc” to “.dot” before saving.


If the first method does not work, click on the link below while pressing the ctrl-key. Choose the option “Save Target As...”, and then use your Word template folder as the Save In location. Change the filename extension from “.doc” to “.dot” before saving.


Once the template is in the folder, open the template by double clicking on the file.


You then need to save the file, "Save As..." in the My Templates folder (this is different from the templates folder), My Templates folder appears on the screen as an option once you click "Save As".


In Project Gallery the template will then be available for use.



Useful articles can be found at:




In the event of problems downloading or using the template, please contact Dr. Selena Boothroyd by e-mail at selena.boothroyd@thieme.de.