Synthesis Reviews

We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest up-date to Synthesis Reviews. The database now contains articles published before 2012.


1. Synthesis Reviews is a database that can be accessed free of charge and contains 30,550 English language review articles (from journals and books) of interest to synthetic organic chemists. It includes the previous version (which covered literature between 1970 and 2011) plus an update containing articles until the end of 2012. The database was compiled by:


Professor Philip J. Kocienski
(E-mail: and
Dr. Krzysztof Jarowicki

The authors do not accept responsibility for the accuracy, content, or selection of the data.


2. Synthesis Reviews is sponsored by Georg Thieme Verlag and is provided as a service to the synthetic community. Synthesis Reviews (covering the literature from 1970-1994) and the first supplement (covering the literature for the year 1995) was originally provided free on disks to all subscribers of SYNTHESIS published by Georg Thieme Verlag. Synthesis Reviews is not copy-protected and copies can be freely circulated. The version provided here combines the original database and supplements together with corrections. There will be annual updates. Release dates of the updates will be announced on the SYNTHESIS website.


3. We supply the Synthesis Reviews database in three formats:

The files are supplied as zip compressed files. After decompression, textfiles can be opened by any word processor and searched using the usual word processor search functions. However, we recommend the use of the database in conjunction with EndNote (see below).


4. EndNote is a bibliographic management program which provides a database for storing, sorting, managing, searching and editing bibliographic references. Used in conjunction with a word processor such as Microsoft Word, EndNote will generate bibliographies automatically. We have supplied the database as Endnote libraries which must be used in conjunction with the EndNote program (see below). However, the text files we provide are in Refer format (do NOT delete the % signs!) and ready for importation into EndNote.


5. Our EndNote libraries can also be viewed using the EndNote Demonstration Program which can be downloaded from


6. Synthesis Reviews contains bibliography of review articles from the following sources which also includes references not normally cited in Current Contents:


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